Tompkins Cortland Community College

RECR215 - Recreation and the Expressive Arts

This course presents the expressive disciplines of music, dance, drama, and visual art from a historical, social and leisure perspective. Students will develop an understanding of art’s main concerns, function and purpose while examining the various fundamentals of art. Students will develop an appreciation for these art forms and have opportunities to express themselves through these artistic outlets. Students will learn basic skills to develop and organize programs that incorporate expressive arts in a variety of recreational settings. A combination of lectures, studios, assignments and field trips are utilized. RECR 215 fulfills the SUNY General Education requirement in The Arts. Prerequisites: Prior completion or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 100 and RDNG 116 if required by placement testing. Additional Activity Fee Required. 3 Cr. (2 Lec., 2 Lab). Fall semester.