Tompkins Cortland Community College

NURS225 - Prof Practices & Complex Nursing Care

The student uses and incorporates all previously-learned critical thinking skills and habits of mind, all Gordon's functional health patterns, concepts of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, therapeutic communication, and care skills to plan and implement evidence-based care for clients with complex health problems, including clients with chronic and multi-system health issues, across a variety of settings. Emphasis is placed on professional issues and the transition from student to RN role. The student examines and applies leadership and client care management concepts and skills. Course experiences provide an active learning environment in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: C or better in all courses required in the first three semesters of the nursing program; prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, BIOL 112 or BIOL 216. 10 Cr. (6 Lec., 12 Lab). Spring semesters.