Tompkins Cortland Community College

HUMS232 - Human Service Internship & Seminar

This course is intended to provide students with a practical experience in a community human services agency. Students enter the internship as volunteers or trainees, and are subject to all legal, ethical, and professional standards required of designated agency staff. A minimum of 135 hours of work experience per semester (10 hrs. per week in a 15 week semester), and 1 hour of seminar per week. Students review fundamental principles of practice in their internship, and are provided with opportunities to discuss varying topics in seminar. Students cannot apply credit for both HUMS 232 and HUMS 230 toward their degree. Prerequisites: Written permission from Program Chair is required; HUMS 200; HUMS 229; ENGL 101. C or better is required for students in Human Services Programs. 4 Cr. (1 Lec., 9 Lab). Fall and spring semesters.