Tompkins Cortland Community College

HSTY290 - Social Science Capstone Course

Cross-listed as ANTH 290 or PSYC 290 or SOCI 290. This course provides students with an opportunity to draw on a variety of disciplines, perspectives, and methods from the social sciences in application to a specific research problem of local and/or global importance. In consultation with the course instructor(s), students will choose a relevant research topic to explore for the class. The course is conducted as a research and discussion seminar and is used as the outcomes assessment course for the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social Science AS degree program. In the psychology-focused section of the course (PSYC 290), students will read and understand primary research in order to synthesize it into a coherent background paper on their topic. In the section not focused on psychology (ANTH/HSTY/SOCI 290), students will conduct both primary and secondary research on their topic. Prerequisites: ENGL 101; PSYC 103; SOCI 101; and a HSTY course. 3 Cr. (3 Lec.) Spring semesters.