Tompkins Cortland Community College

CDSC232 - Chemical Dependency Counseling Field Wk

This course is the field work component of the Chemical Dependency Counseling degree and certificate programs. Students enter the field placement as interns and are subject to all legal, ethical, and professional standards required of the designated agency staff. A minimum of 120 hours of work experience and 12.5 hours of lecture must be completed per semester. Students review fundamental principles of theory in practicum and have an opportunity to discuss varying topics related to the field work experiences. Prerequisites: Program Chair permission is required; CDSC 101 with a C or better grade; ENGL 101; HLTH 207 or HLTH 208. Students must meet in person or consult via phone, or email with the Program Chair, and obtain written permission by May 15th for fall semester field placements, or November 15th for spring semester field placements. Students must receive a C or better to successfully complete this course. 4 Cr. (1 Lec., 9 Lab.) Fall and spring semesters.