Tompkins Cortland Community College

ART 213 - Dynamic Media I

This course explores the use of digital media to make compelling, low bandwidth interactive and time-based projects for distribution via electronic media. The preparation and optimization of digital images for dynamic media are thoroughly explored; but the emphasis of this class is on creating art as an experience. Tutorials on specific software and hardware are an important part of the course, but much of the class time is spent working on three major assignments: a Web page Interactive Narrative, a collection of interactive linking panoramas, and a Flash Animation. All projects must be designed for Internet delivery and each student makes a CD containing the three assignments. Prerequisites: ART 117, ART 212 or ART 270; ENGL 100; MATH 090 and RDNG 099 if required by placement testing. 3 Cr. (2 Lec., 2 Lab.) Fall semester.