Tompkins Cortland Community College

ART 109 - Introduction to Graphic Design

This course serves as an introduction to the strategies, tools, and practices used in graphic design. Students learn to apply the design process, design thinking, and CRAP principles in order to create strong visual communication in a variety of graphic design projects. The course emphasizes the topics of problem-solving, concept development, and the role of psychology in graphic design. An overview of the history of graphic design is explored in the course to foster a broader understanding of the global impact design has on culture and society. Emphasis will be focused on exploring the connections between design history and contemporary design. Additional course fee required. ART 109 fulfills the SUNY General Education requirement in The Arts, but is not a Liberal Arts course. Prerequisites: Prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, ENGL 100 or ESL 120, 121, and 122. 3 Cr. (2 Lec., 2 Lab). Fall semester.