Tompkins Cortland Community College

ANTH260 - Culture Survey for Study Abroad

Cross-listed as IED 260 Provides a full cultural immersion experience via a short term study abroad trip to a non-U.S. culture, such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, as well as other regions of the world. Students are guided to practice cultural relativism using a holistic approach thereby broadening their global perspective. They practice hands-on ethnographic research methods such as interviewing, observing, and reflective journal writing. Cultural focus areas that are examined include indigenous lifestyles, health care, family structure, gender roles, religion, human rights, and globalization. Pre and post-trip work is required. Students meet during the semester preceding the trip. ANTH/IED 260 fulfills the SUNY General Education Social Science or Other World Civilizations requirement. Significant additional costs. Scholarships available. Co-requisites: Designed as part of a six credit Learning Community, the course can be offered with courses such as BIOL 116, HSTY260, HLTH 216, ENGL 250, ENGL 149 Transformative Travel Writing, etc. An interview and permission of instructor(s) are required. Prerequisites: MATH 090 if required by placement testing; prior completion or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 100 and RDNG 116 if required by placement testing; ANTH 201 or ANTH 202, and language speaking skills of destination country are recommended. 3 Cr. (1 Lec., 6 Lab.) Fall and spring semesters.